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June 26, 2019

Tories campaign in Scotland where 13 seats could mean victory or defeat for Boris Johnson

In Edinburgh – perhaps more than anywhere, the general election is about far more than the next five years. The very future of the United Kingdom, let alone Britain’s place in the EU, is at stake.

‘Operation Black Vote’ launch campaign to get minority voters to go to the polls

Less than a week until the deadline for registering to vote in December’s election – a quarter of black and ethnic minority voters haven’t done so. Operation Black Vote are about to launch their campaign to encourage minority voters to go to the polls, including a video and posters in key seats...

Michael Gove interview on truth, lies and Brexit

The man in charge of planning for life after Brexit – Michael Gove – has been here in Scotland campaigning, but before he could address Brexit and independence, he had to answer questions about the Conservative party’s issues with public trust.

SNP’s Angus Robertson: “The fact 62 per cent voted remain in Scotland is a defining influence on election”

We are joined now by the former leader of the Scottish Labour Party Kezia Dugdale who now works as director of the John Smith Centre, and by the SNP’s former Westminster leader Angus Robertson.

Scotland: Could the election break or save the union?

Throughout this election I will be travelling to all corners of the United Kingdom – assessing the state the union and asking if our island story is about to be drastically rewritten. With England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland increasingly pulling in different directions, my journey will...

Lib Dem leader says “complications and logistics” of her job require her to regularly fly to Glasgow

Cathy Newman speaks to the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson about her manifesto – but started by asking her whether the party’s climate change policy on international flights should extend to domestic ones too.

Lib Dems launch manifesto – as Conservatives announce tax cut

Now Boris Johnson, whether he meant to do so or not – has revealed Conservative plans for a tax cut for working people. Speaking to workers on Teesside – he appeared to blurt out a new policy to raise the threshold for paying National Insurance. Mr Johnson later explained that from next year people...

Top US diplomat delivers explosive testimony at Impeachment Inquiry

‘We followed the President’s orders’. The explosive testimony from top US diplomat and Trump insider, Gordon Sondland at the impeachment inquiry today – as he declared that President Trump wanted pressure on Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. Orders he said came through Trump’s...

FactCheck: Johnson contradicts himself over Russian meddling

“There’s absolutely no evidence that I’ve ever seen of any Russian interference in UK democratic processes” That was Boris Johnson’s claim today in response to a question from a member of the public about why his government have delayed publication of a parliamentary report into Russian...

Series 3, Episode 28: Rana Foroohar

Rana Foroohar is a business columnist for the Financial Times, analyst for CNN and author. Her most recent book, ‘Don’t Be Evil: The Case Against Big Tech’, addresses the question, how did the tech industry get to dominate our world so completely? Rana talks to Krishnan about the darker side of...

Human rights protester lodges criminal complaint against Bahrain Embassy

A human rights protester has lodged a criminal complaint against staff at the Bahrain Embassy alleging attempted murder on the night of his rooftop demonstration. Moosa Mohammed claimed he was beaten up and threatened with being thrown from the embassy roof. The embassy has described his claims as...

Over one hundred people killed in Iran protests, say Amnesty

A warning – there are some distressing images in this report. Amnesty International says it believes at least 106 people have been killed in Iran during the wave of protests against the steep rise in petrol prices. There’s been no official word on how many people have died, been injured or arrested...

Trump’s call with Ukraine was ‘improper’ says key White House aide

President Trump has condemned the impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill as a “kangaroo court” – as two key White House aides gave their evidence in public today. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman told the hearing that what he heard during a phone call between the President and his Ukrainian...

What actually is the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy?

Getting Brexit done, voting again, or cancelling it altogether – all options at this General Election. But behind the slogans there’s a deeper question that will define the UK’s place on the international stage for years to come: what should our trade relations be with Europe and the world...

‘The US cannot rewrite international law to fit Trump’s ideology’, says former spokeswoman for Palestinian PM

Well joining me now from Ramallah in the West Bank is Nour Odeh, a political analyst and former Spokeswoman for the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s government.


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