Ever wondered why you can't sleep without a sheet or blanket - even when it's roasting hot?

August 13, 2019

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Photo: The Huffington Post

Getting (and staying) asleep during oven-hot weather can sometimes feel like more work than, well, your job. You know an easy solution to staying cool and sleeping better would be to toss your covers ― yet no matter how sweaty and uncomfortable you get, you can’t bring yourself to go entirely free of a sheet or blanket.

You might drench yourself in cold water before getting underneath, or wrap one leg over the top, or blast a fan directly at your side of the bed. You might even feel brave enough to sleep with the back half of your body exposed (while your front half hangs on tight). But get rid of that top covering entirely? That’s crazy talk.

Why is sleeping without the covers such a dealbreaker, even though it could improve the quality of your sleep exponentially? To find out more go to The Huffington Post - sleep