Benidorm will automatically release the reserved plots on Levante Beach that are not occupied at a certain time

July 24, 2020
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Starting today, Friday, 24th July, the reserve plots of the Levante beach that are not occupied at a certain time "will be released automatically so that they can be used by other users." This was announced yesterday by the mayor, Toni Pérez, after stating that this change seeks "the exploitation and use of beaches, seeking to guarantee that the greatest number of people can enjoy" the Levante beach, which "in response to the increase in demand detected the second week of July, since the 17th it has been operating with the reservation system ”through the web platform and in the three physical points installed on the beach -in the El Torrejó building and in the promenade at the height of Avenida de Europa and Rincón de Loix-.

The mayor explained that "those users who have made their reservation for the 'full day' or 'tomorrow' shift must be on their plot before 11:00 am", while those on ' late 'must do so "before 17.30". After that time slot "all those plots that have not been occupied will be released automatically and may be obtained in person at the box office points from 11:15 and 17:45 respectively."

Toni Pérez has clarified that this measure is adopted "after detecting that a percentage of reserved plots were left unoccupied." A percentage that in the first two days stood at 30% and since then has registered "a downward curve until yesterday stood at 15%". However, "work is being done to reduce this number, knowing that there can always be justified or force majeure cases", and hence the formula for automatic parcel release will be implemented tomorrow. 

Although at this time there are still a percentage of plots that are reserved and not occupied, the mayor stressed "that there is an increasing co-responsibility on the part of users, which has allowed them to significantly increase the reuse of these plots ”. In fact, in the last four days, more than 1,300 reserved plots have been released thanks to the fact that the users, "in an exercise of solidarity and responsibility", have communicated "the cancellation of their reservation or their departure from the plot before end the selected turn ”. These released plots have been made available to citizens again that same day on the web platform and at the physical points.

Toni Pérez recalled that there are 3 ways of cancellation / cancellation of reservations: on the web form , on the free phone 96 506 43 85 or by direct communication to the access staff ”.

In addition to the automatic release system, the mayor has announced that 56 new plots have been created on the Levante beach, reaching 1,610; while in Poniente there are already 5,561 existing plots having added 180 more. All the new plots are blue, intended for the general public.

The mayor stressed that the changes that have been taking place, such as the advance of the opening hours of the reserves at 09:00, are intended to "improve the management of the beaches and their use". “On the same day, 15th June, when the beaches were reopened,” he said, “we have already said that the Benidorm Beach Safety project is alive and modular; a project of integral management of the beach that adapts to the circumstances of each moment and to variables such as demand ”. In addition to these variables and the needs detected by the City Council and the concessionaire company for the comprehensive management of the beaches, “the changes that are taking place, and those that will begin to apply from tomorrow, also arise from listening active of the improvement proposals that the users themselves, businessmen, transfer and send us

Lastly, Toni Pérez has reported that "since the beaches were opened on 15th June until Wednesday, 588,662 uses have been registered between Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas"; and he recalled that these last two beaches "continue to function as until now, without reservation". Nor is it necessary to book when you only go to enjoy the bath between 07:00 and 08:45 and from 09:00 to 21:30 without staying on the sand, being able to access the Levante beach through the access points and being able to leave your belongings in the space indicated by the access control personnel.

Reserve operation

The reservation of plots can be made through the web platform and at the three physical points enabled. During the reservation process, users can choose the area, plot and time: full-time, or in the morning -from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.-, or in the afternoon -between 3:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.-.