Benidorm incorporates a nebulizer cannon to quickly disinfect the streets

July 09, 2020
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The city of Benidorm has introduced into its street cleaning service a nebulizer cannon to disinfect streets and public spaces quickly and efficiently. The Head of Street Cleaning, José Ramón González de Zárate, has pointed out that “the one in Benidorm is one of the only three spray guns in use in Spain, very similar to the one that the Military Emergency Unit (UME) has been using during the state alarm to disinfect facilities and public spaces ”.

De Zárate has indicated that "this machinery allows us to disinfect a larger area in less time, since the flow reaches a radius of 40 meters." "Therefore," he added, "thanks to this nebulizer gun we gain efficiency in continuing to keep our city disinfected and, consequently, safe."

At this point, he recalled that "always seeking to have a safe city" since the state of alarm was decreed, the Municipal Cleaning Service has acted daily on three procedures: disinfection of public roads, affecting essential facilities such as health centres and accesses to supermarkets or pharmacies; disinfection of accesses and passageways of the communities of owners; and disinfection of facades and terraces of shops and restaurants.

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The newly incorporated and functioning nebulizer cannon has a capacity of 2,000 litres per service and a range of 3 hours. As explained by the councilman, "the nebulizer will be operational in the morning, afternoon and evening services," so it will be used daily for 9 hours. The disinfectant mixture that is sprayed has a minimal proportion of a bactericidal and fungicidal product that is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-staining; and it also incorporates a portion of air freshener.

The head of Street Cleaning has announced that "we are going to use this spray gun in the disinfection tasks of all the neighbourhoods." In the narrowest streets where, due to space reasons, the truck carrying the cannon cannot access, "we will use a 'hydro' or a smaller machine to complete the disinfection of the entire city."

This new service reinforces the daily tasks of cleaning and washing the streets of Benidorm.